Question: What kinds of features come with the website?

Answer: There are many different features that come with our websites, depending on what package you choose. Check out the services tab to see some of the most popular features that are included and available for upgrades.

Question: What if I don’t have a Logo or Seal, or if my seal is very old and dated?

Answer: Branding is very important for your organization. With that said, we can design a logo or seal for you if you don’t already have one. We will help you decide what color scheme and fonts are best. With most clients, we will sit down in a virtual design consultation (screen share or in some cases just a phone call) and take notes on all of the ideas and concepts that you have or like in other brand examples. Then we will design some variations of those concepts mixed with some of our own ideas. From that, you can choose which one you like most or we can merge ideas and elements from multiple versions to make a new final version. Whatever you need, we can create it and adjust it until you’re happy with it! If you do have a logo or seal but need it brought up-to-date and or recreated in a much more crisp and clear format, then we can do that as well. Ask your Sales Person about our Logo Design and Branding Services today.

Click seal/logo to see a larger view
Click seal/logo to see a larger view


Click seal/logo to see a larger view

Question: Who owns or is responsible for managing the domain?

Answer: The customers always owns the domain here at MunicipalPros. Most customers come to MunicipalPros already in control of their own domain account. Regardless of where the domain is purchased, domain management is the sole responsibility of the customer unless a domain management plan has been purchased. ($25 annually) The customer is responsible to keep the domain registration current in order for the website to function properly. We recommend having it set on auto renewal or pay for several years ahead. Domain service providers such as: MunicipalPros, Godaddy, Network Solutions, Tucows, Namecheap and more; regularly send out expiration notices 90 days ahead of the expiration date. As a courtesy MunicipalPros also sends out an email or phone call to make sure that this important account is kept up to date. In most cases domain registrars will charge a reconnect fee in excess of $125 to get a domain reactivated after expiration. If an expired domain is not brought current within 30 days, it may not be retrievable; being resold to a domain broker or placed back into the database and placed up for sale. Please remember that your domain and hosting are 2 separate accounts and both must be dealt with independently.

Question: Will you purchase a domain name for me?

Answer: We can and will but it will be done with your information so you own the domain name and you control all aspects of it. The ownership of a domain is a sticky thing online. So many companies participate in purchasing the domain or including it in the purchase of the website, only to find out later; the web company owns the domain. We have seen this so much that we want to separate ourselves completely from this practice. We are pleased to walk you through the purchase and registration of your domain however; it will be with your credit card, your name, your email, etc. Or if you choose, we can do it all for you at no additional cost and send you the login credentials after it’s registered.

Question: What is included with my website when I host with MunicipalPros?


  • Access to our proprietary WordPress Enhancements which makes editing fast and easy
  • Training on editing and use of our WordPress Tools
  • We maintain all the Plugins for you
  • We maintain the WordPress Core Updates for you
  • Weekly Backups & Free Restore if needed (up to 2 times per year)
  • Unlimited bandwidth (website traffic)
  • 10GB of Storage (most large websites are no more than 1GB)
  • Dedicated technical support with same-day response guarantee
  • SSL Security Certificate installation and renewal protection
  • Anti-Spam Forms

Question: What if I am not tech savvy? I don’t know the first thing about computers.

Answer: No problem. First of all don’t be ashamed, the technology and computer generation is something that is recent in modern history and has exploded over the past decade so lots of people are in your shoes. Although we do recommend that you have somewhat of a familiarity with your computer and with what to do, especially with programs like Microsoft Word which is really similar to the editor in our website editing system (WordPress), we do however have video tutorials that review every step in editing your website.

Question: What if I already have a website, can I keep it up until you’re finished with my new one?

Answer: Absolutely, we will simply create your new website on a temporary url where you can review and even edit it yourself if you like. Then when you’re completely satisfied with everything we will launch the new website overnight with your website never being down for more than 15 min.

Question: What if I don’t like the color of the website?

Answer: No problem we can change it. Sometimes we charge to do this and sometimes it’s so fast and easy that we won’t need to. It really just depends on what elements and how many places that particular color exists. If we do charge it would only end up being between $10 and $65 (depending on the complexity of the theme). Generally, you get one set of revisions, and we will usually show you color pallets that help you understand the color combination when selecting your color pallet. But occasionally clients need changes which is why we offer one set of revisions and any additional revisions are very reasonably priced.